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Revise whole levels, focus on weaknesses or build your vocabulary with LinguaBuddy’s quizzes and self-service courses.

Revise Whole Levels

Coming back after some time out and need to relearn? Got specific points of weakness you just can’t get past? We’ve designed a range of revisions courses just for you, where you can learn at your own pace, in a low-pressure way. Perfect for building up confidence, with a range of exercises to confirm your knowledge.

Focus on Specific Concepts

If you struggle with a particular tense or grammar rule, we’ve created a series of exercises that focus on individual concepts. Perfect for you to dip into whenever you need to.

Build and Practice Your Vocabulary

Whenever you want, whatever you’re into.

Vocabulary is the key to language fluency. We use thousands of words and phrases every day in our native tongue without thinking about, and there’s no reason you can’t build up your vocab in your target language in the same way.

Whatever your level or interests, we have a range of fun and interactive quizzes and exercises to help you express yourself.


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