Improve your Listening

Practice your listening with LinguaBuddy: improve your “ear”, get faster and more confident.

Listening is the most useful skill when learning a language. If you understand what’s being said to you, you get more opportunities to practice your conversation, and your experiences and opportunities will broaden.

But listening is a hard skill to practice: native speakers don’t have the time or patience, and films or TV series are a lottery in terms of complexity, and may not even have much dialogue.

LinguaBuddy has searched the web and found thousands of videos in your language, created for a variety of reasons, which showcase the language as it’s used for a variety of purposes. Conversation, explanation, argument, stories… they are all here.

Why are you Learning?

Pick videos that mimic the types of language you’re likely to hear. Choose interviews that show a relaxed conversation; tourist promotionals that showcase sights and locations; serious discussion that shines a light on a new culture.

Where are you Interested In?

The use of a language varies from country to country. For example, the Spanish-speaking world has many accents and styles of speech: rapid-fire Chilenos and Mexicanos, laid-back Bolivians, and all types of Spaniards. Get accustomed to them all with LinguaBuddy.

How Confident are You?

With LinguaBuddy, everything you see will have a difficulty rating according to your level. If you want to slowly push yourself to move more, you can select articles with slightly more complex vocab, or the odd unusual tense; or you can go the other way, by selecting simple articles that you can breeze through.

When you’ve moved up to a new level, update your profile, and the difficulty ratings will adjust to match.


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