Why LinguaBuddy?

Our mission is to get you from “knowing a bit” to

LinguaBuddy makes language practice easier and more rewarding, helping you build your confidence and reach your goals.

We know: learning a language is hard work, but it should also be rewarding. By adding another language to your skills, you open a new world of culture, experiences and opportunities. But if you’ve taken a few courses and are feeling stuck – knowing a lot but not really able to use it – you are not alone. Courses are great, but if you want to master a language, you need to practice it.

LinguaBuddy is based on a simple premise: most people who try to learn a language would succeed if only they could use it often enough. It’s why people who live “in-country” become fluent without ever taking a class – they’re exposed to the language often enough that they start to build the connections in the brain.

But what do you do if you can’t live abroad for a year? Practicing and practice resources at the right level for you are hard to find. This is where LinguaBuddy comes in: we find the resources for you, so you can concentrate on learning.

Our service is broken down into four key parts, each of which are critical to mastering a language.

Real-life Resources – not fakes

Most resources for language learners are fakes. Dumbed-down history lessons, staged conversations, simplistic dialogues. We use items published by real-life Spanish-language publishers which we’ve graded by difficulty.

Designed for Mastery: no Gimmicks

Tired of glitchy AI that dings whenever your cat miaows? Us too. Instead out focus is on using language in real-life, and building confidence so you can go from “speak a bit” to full mastery.


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