LinguaBuddy Ltd offers services for language learners via its platform at These terms and conditions govern access to and continued use of the service.

In the event of dispute, arbitration shall take place within the framework of the laws of England, such as are or were applicable at the times in question.


Parties to the Agreement are “THE USER” (“users”, “you”) and LinguaBuddy Ltd “LINGUABUDDY”, (“us”,”we”,”the company”).

Acceptance of Terms

All users are requested to accept these terms and conditions during the sign-up process. Where the process is successfully completed and an account created, the terms shall be deemed to have been accepted.

Amendment of this Agreement

The user agrees that LinguaBuddy may vary the terms of this agreement. Where the user continues to use the service after notification of a change to these Terms and Conditions, the user shall be deemed to have accepted the revised terms.

Terms of Service

Users must declare their real name on registration. LinguaBuddy reserves the right to refuse or suspend service to users supplying false names.

The user warrants that they are not employed, contracted by, employed by a contractor to, or otherwise engaged in the service of any organisation providing a competing service.

Service Continuity

LinguaBuddy provides no assurance that services described or advertised shall remain available, or shall be available on a given day.

No Warranty

LinguaBuddy provides no warranty that use or continued use of the services as described or as amended shall guarantee the learner acquires proficiency or competence in any language.


The user may terminate their paid subscription at any time without notice. Where the user downgrades to a free account or lower-level paid account, they shall retain access to the services of their previous level for the unused time period. Access shall be terminated at the next renewal date.

LinguaBuddy reserves the right to immediately and without notice or explanation withdraw service temporarily (to a maximum of 14 days) or permanently from any user. 

Where withdrawal of service is permanent, LinguaBuddy shall refund the unused portion of any paid subscription within 14 days of access being severed. No correspondence will be entered into.

Where service is temporarily revoked due to violation of policies, no refund shall be due.

General Service Misuse

LinguaBuddy reserves the right to revoke user accounts, whether part of a paid subscription or not, in cases where we have reason to believe the security, safety or privacy of our users is, would remain, or may become compromised by the presence of an account(s) or individual(s) on the platform.

Posting and Conduct

The user agrees that LinguaBuddy is a private social network, use of which is offered by invitation from LinguaBuddy to the user, and remains conditional at all times upon the user’s observance and adherence to policies regarding Content, Posting and Conduct towards other users and LinguaBuddy employees and contractors. LinguaBuddy may, at its absolute discretion, suspend or revoke the user’s access for breaches of these policies. (See severability.)


The user warrants that they own, have license to use, or are using within the accepted definitions of fair use, the copyright of any works, images, videos, documents or other materials which they post on LinguaBuddy, and indemnifies LinguaBuddy from any claim for breach of copyright or other related laws.

Where the user owns the copyright of any material posted, the user grants LinguaBuddy a lifetime licence to store, maintain, and re-use said materials in any format, media or publication.

Subscription Levels and Service Access

Founders Club

Plus and Premium Subscriptions

LinguaBuddy reserves the right to amend services included within subscription packages, or introduce or remove subscription packages at any time.

Where users packages are to be affected detrimentally, LinguaBuddy agrees to notify them 14 days in advance of any change taking effect.

Changes to Pricing Plans

Any changes to price shall be communicated to users 14 days or greater in advance of changes taking effect.

Refund Policy

LinguaBuddy provides paid subscription services to a user up to a maximum usage per month. No refund or pro-rata adjustments shall be made for unused entitlements by the user.

For Premium Accounts Only

Where LinguaBuddy is unable to taught courses as indicated, an offer of alternative shall first be made to the user. If the user accepts this offer, no refund or part refund shall be due.

Where no acceptable alternative can be found, then a refund or part-refund may be offered.

Where a user subscribes to a taught course which is not at the correct level for them, an offer of an alternative shall be made, with no refund or part-refund due irrespective of lost tuition, if any.

Where no alternative provision can be made, then subject to the belief that the user is acting in good faith, a refund or, where more than three classes have been attended, part-refund will be made.