What if I book a class at the wrong level? Can I get a refund?

Firstly, please don’t panic! Students subscribe to levels that are too easy or hard for them all the time, and tutors are good at spotting this. If you’re in a class that is at too low a level for you, your tutor will let you know as soon as they realise this – which is often the moment you open your mouth to introduce yourself.

If you feel you are in a class that is too hard for you, or you are struggling to understand any aspect of the material, you should raise this with your tutor at the end of a session. Please, do not delay in doing so – this is a “bread and butter” conversation for a language tutor. Their first action will be to try assess whether you are at the wrong level or simply “rusty”. If the latter, they will try to coach and support you in subsequent classes until your confidence returns.

If the former, they will notify LinguaBuddy’s admin team with a recommended study level for you. Our admin team will then offer you alternative classes you can join.

Where no suitable and convenient alternative is currently running, we would look to place you in the first available class at the correct level, and will discuss options with you for adjusting your subscription package in the interim period.

In the event that no course at the right level for you is scheduled within a three-month period, we would offer the option of a refund, or where you have attended three or more classes, a part refund.

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