Spanish Grammar

Learn Spanish Grammar rules to speed up your overall learning pace and master the language quicker. By learning a grammar rule, it´s possible to take giant leaps forward, and grasp in half an hour what would otherwise take weeks or even months to figure out by yourself.

Futuro Perfecto

The futuro perfecto is a lesser-used tense in the Spanish language, which indicates that actions will have been completed by a point in the future.

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Presente de Subjuntivo

The Spanish presente de subjuntivo is the most commonly used subjunctive tense. Although English does possess a subjunctive conjugation, it is very rarely used in

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Pretérito Perfecto

The Spanish Pretérito Perfecto Compuesto is a common tense, used to described actions which started in the past but which may still be ongoing. It

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Futuro Simple

The Spanish future tense is used to describe action which “will” or “shall” occur in the future, and also to express probability in the present.

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Condicional Simple

The Spanish conditional tense (condicional simple) is used to adjust an indicative statement to introduce doubt, a hypothetical, wonder or curiosity. Translated to English, the

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