Practice Spanish Reading

Practice Spanish reading with LinguaBuddy. We have all the resources you need to build your confidence and master your language. From an unrivalled catalogue of level and topic-appropriate reading and listening resources, to a wide range of vocabulary and grammar practice lessons, quizzes and tests.

At level A2, you’ve learned enough tenses to understand text referencing past, present, habitual and future events. But, at this level, your vocabulary is likely to be limited, and native Spanish speakers can often use more complex tenses without thinking. We can help you hone your skills and build your confidence by avoiding articles using complex vocabulary and conjugations.

Because we use real-life articles, even these simple texts will give you a sense of learning and achievement.

At level B1 you are starting to understand more within longer passages of text. You can glean meaning and tone from complex articles, and are starting to recognise passages which indicate uncertainty.

At B2, you´ve now been at least introduced to every tense, so in theory you will understand most of what you read. At this level, progress can only be made by greater exposure and familiarity with how Spanish is actually used.

Spanish Reading practice for Advanced Learners

More advanced learners can also use LinguaBuddy to hone their Spanish reading skills. We can help you find the most challenging reads, focus in on specific grammar concepts you’re working on, or brush up on your interests, however niche they may be.

Advanced Intermediate Spanish Reading

Advanced Spanish Reading Practice


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