Practice Spanish Listening

Practice Spanish listening with LinguaBuddy. We have all the resources you need to build your confidence and master your language. From an unrivalled catalogue of level and topic-appropriate reading and listening resources, to a wide range of vocabulary and grammar practice lessons, quizzes and tests.

At level A2, you are just getting started with your Spanish listening. Build your confidence with LinguaBuddy, where you can find short, accessible, clearly-spoken videos that help you develop your Spanish ear at your own pace. Don’t be scared off by rapid-fire speakers, accents and topics using complicated language.

Don’t let your listening skills fall behind as you reach level B1. By now you are starting to understand more, and in writing you can probably glean the meaning of passages of text easily. But unless you keep exposing yourself to spoken Spanish you risk frustration. Find appropriate listening resources with us, and continue building your confidence.

If you’re still studying at B2 level, you will find yourself in situations where you have to spontaneously use spoken Spanish. Without good listening skills you will struggle, so keep going until you’re able to turn off your native tongue, and “think in Spanish”.

Listening Practice for Advanced Learners

More advanced learners can also use LinguaBuddy to hone their Spanish listening skills. We can help you find the most challenging videos, longer-form and more detailed content that will stretch you and enhance your knowledge of the Spanish speaking world.

Advanced Intermediate Spanish Listening Practice

Advanced Spanish Listening Practice


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