Study Levels

To help you choose the right study level, here is some detail about the knowledge gained and outcomes expected at each level.

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CEFR Levels

Unlike some schools, we don’t create our own level structure: we refer to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) which is standard across all European languages.

A1 – Elementary

This is the elementary stage, where you learn basic grammar and vocabulary, personal pronouns, and are limited to very simple exchanges with someone who is willing to help you.

A2 – Beginner

At A2, we open up the possibility of communication by introducing you to the Spanish Pretérito Imperfecto and Indefinido past tenses, the future tense, object pronouns (doing something to someone or something), comparisons and much more.

By the end of this level, you can expect to be able to describe, for example, where you have been on holiday, what you expect to do next year and have other similar simple conversations.

B1 – Lower Intermediate

B1 introduces the Spanish subjunctive and key grammatical constructions that allow you to start to express objective and subjective opinions, as well as past perfect tenses as expressions of desire and obligation.

By the end of this level, you will be able to have conversations about familiar activities or work matters, and to explain the thinking behind your plans.

B2 – Higher Intermediate

By the end of level B2 you will be confident expressing and interpreting complex viewpoints and opinions and expressing doubt, nuance, uncertainty and other subtler concepts which in turn enable you to have satisfying and enlightening exchanges with native speakers.

No longer will you be confined to discussing where you went on holiday!

C1 and C2 – Proficient and Mastery

Once you reach the C levels, your use of the language is becoming natural and spontaneous. Your grammar will be strong and largely error free, and you’ll be working towards using the language in a more natural, native way by incorporating idiomatic expressions, and recognising the implicit meaning within sayings and usage.


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