Level A1 Spanish in Brief

Get back into Spanish with this easy-to-follow online course.

Studied Spanish before but need to revise the basics? From the Spanish present tense to the fundamental grammar points like personal pronouns, possession, noun gender and ser vs estar, this course has everything you need to get going again.

Learn at your own pace, with no pressure. No schedule, no pass marks, take exercises as many times as you need, until you’re confident.

This course uses lessons written in English, but with examples and exercises in Spanish.

Course Content

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Try some exercises

Lessons and exercises are only available to registered users, but you can get a taste with these sample exercises:

See Spanish in Context

Remember the difference between the verbs Haber and Estar? A longer form of this exercise is one of the tests in that lesson.

Quizzes to Confirm Knowledge

Can you remember when to use Ser and Estar? This is one of the exercises used to help you practice that.

Build Listening Confidence

We also use audio exercises to help you build your listening confidence. Here’s an example from the lesson on regular verbs in the present tense.


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