Online Spanish Revision Courses

Get back into Spanish with our guided revision courses.

Want to get back into Spanish? Whatever your reason for learning, taking some time out is normal, and it can be helpful to go back over what you’ve learned before trying a new level.

That’s why we’ve created our on-demand online Spanish courses:

  • Study at your own pace – no schedule or class times
  • Simple theory, explained in English at lower levels
  • Covers the critical grammar points at each level
  • Build confidence and confirm your knowledge with tests and exercises

Courses Available

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Courses in Development

We’re hard at work creating more courses. Check back soon for details, or follow us on social.

  • Level A1 Spanish Vocabulary – January 2022
  • Level A2 Spanish Vocabulary – January 2022
  • Level B1 Spanish in Brief
  • Level B2 Spanish in Brief


Enhanced courses and quizzes and one conversation class per month.
£ 7
  • Revision
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Conversation

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