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Practice Spanish with LinguaBuddy. We have all the resources you need to build your confidence and master your language. From an unrivalled catalogue of level and topic-appropriate reading and listening resources, to a wide range of vocabulary and grammar practice lessons, quizzes and tests.

Want to get back into Spanish? Need to revisit the lower levels to regain your confidence?

We’ve put together the key points of each level in an easy-to-follow, low-pressure way. Simple lessons, written in English for the lower levels, with tests and exercises in Spanish. No schedule, no pass marks, just plenty of ways to practice and build your confidence.

Spanish Level A1 in Brief

Spanish Level A2 in Brief

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The more you read Spanish, the more familiar your brain becomes with the words and grammar, and the faster you can process the language. In other words, if you want to be fluent, and not left searching for a word, read more. We have a huge range of resources from real-life Spanish-langauge publishers, waiting for you to discover.

Never get stuck on something too hard; never get bored by something too easy. Just select the levels and subjects that are right for you.

A2 Spanish Reading Practice

B1 Spanish Reading Practice

B2 Spanish Reading Practice

Listening is a vital skill in Spanish, as in any language, and one where practice is crucial. When reading, you have time to check, but in listening situations, you must recognise the sounds instantly or awkward moments result (and we’ve all been there!). This is where LinguaBuddy can help. We have searched the web for Spanish-language video content and graded it by difficulty.

Start our short, slow and clear, then dial it up and test yourself with longer forms, faster speakers, and – for the real experts – the tough accents of Argentines and Chileans.

A2 Spanish Listening Practice

B1 Spanish Listening Practice

B2 Spanish Listening Practice

Everyone learns a language hoping to someday have easy conversations. We help you make that happen. Build your confidence on our forums; connect with our community of learners or join a live conversation class, hosted by a qualified teacher.

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Build your vocabulary and you can add layers of meaning, subtlety, precision and nuance to your Spanish language conversation. Check out our quick reference lists here or subscribe to access tests, quizzes and detailed lessons.


Speed up your learning by mastering Spanish grammar rules. You can learn in just a few minutes what would take you months to figure out under your own power.

Spanish Grammar concepts

Spanish Verbs Reference

Get the most out of your Spanish-language study with our handy tips and guides to the culture, cities, scenery and people that make the Spanish-speaking world so intoxicating and vibrant.


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