A1 en Breve

Revisit the Key Points of Spanish Level A1.

You should consider this course if you:

  • Have studied at A1 before and want to revisit the major points (perhaps you have taken a break from studying?).
  • Want to get a preview of the basics of Spanish in a low pressure way, and study at your own pace.

Course content

This course will take you through the major points of A1 Spanish, the most basic level. Lessons are written in English, with tests and exercises in Spanish. You’ll cover:

  • Ser, Estar and Hay (To be, there is / are)
  • The present tense, regulars and irregulars
  • Personal pronouns (I, You, He, She, We, They)
  • Possession (MIne, Yours, Theirs)
  • Demonstration (That, This, Here, There etc)
  • Formation of nouns
  • Adjectives

These are the critical basics of Spanish, without which you will struggle to understand any content at higher levels. Through a series of exercises, we’ll help you practice and become confident with these structures, so that you can quickly master the more exciting topics at higher levels and, most importantly, start to use a little Spanish in real-life.

Alongside this course, you should also consider our Vocabulary course for beginners.

Course outcomes

At the end of this course, you’ll understand the basic of Spanish. You’ll be ready to::

  • Understand enough Spanish to have a short, transactional conversation.
  • Start using our real-life listening and reading resources.
  • Study at Level A2, with LinguaBuddy or a physical language school.

Course Content

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