Test Your Level / Descubre Tu Nivel

Use these tests to find your level so you can get the most out of LinguaBuddy. These tests are designed to help you find your level, so you can decide what to put in your language level setting. If you are not familiar with CEFR levels, or it´s been a while since you studied and […]

Práctica Conjugación – Avanzados

Estudiantes de niveles avanzados. Elige este curso si estás estudiando a niveles B2 o C1 y quieres mejorar tu confianza con las conjugaciones de los verbos. No necesitas papeles, cartas, lápices o una pareja para practicar, solo estas pruebas. Tomarlas tantas veces como quieras.

Advanced Tense Recognition

When you reach the advanced levels, Spanish verb conjugation can be a little confusing. The Condicional, Futuro, Subjuntivo Presente and the two Subjuntivo Imperfecto tenses can, at first glance, look alike but they have different meanings and must be used in different contexts. The more familiar with the pattens you are, the easier your reading […]