Last updated: 10 June 2021

General Guidelines

LinguaBuddy is a community that aims to help people master the use of foreign languages. To create a positive, constructive and empowering community, all users are expected to follow the letter and spirit of these community guidelines.

These guidelines may be updated at any time without notice. Major changes will be communicated to users, however the onus is on users themselves to acquaint themselves with the content.

Universal Scope

These Community Guidelines apply to all forms of communication and forums provided by LinguaBuddy, including events.

“Posting”, “posts”, “content” refers broadly to any type of communication via LinuaBuddy, including groups created, forums or forum topics created, replies, activity posts, status updates, profile or cover pictures, event rsvps or comments etc.

“Posting”, “posts”, “content” also refers to a users’ contribution to an event managed by LinguaBuddy. Verbal breaches will be treated in accordance with these guidelines.


Users should post in the language which they are learning, except where the Group or Forum states otherwise. Where users are not sure of a word or phrase in the language of the forum, they should enclose it in square brackets [ ]. Use of square brackets is an indication of a willingness to be corrected by any other member of the community.

Ongoing Participation

LinguaBuddy wants all its users to experience full, uninterrupted and unmoderated use of the service. While the ability to remove comments, temporarily suspend or permanently bar users exists, the community is aimed at adults and moderators will endeavour to allow free discussion wherever possible.

A Safe Place

General Duty of Care

First and foremost, LinguaBuddy should be a safe place. All users have the right to use the service free from harassment by other users, and all users are expected to support and uphold these rights. Users who harrass, insult, belittle, threaten or otherwise disrespect fellow users will be considered in breach of the community guidelines. Repeat or egregious breaches will result in sanctions against the user.

Specific Forbidden Behaviours


LinguaBuddy stands against discrimination in all its forms. Stereotyping, making derogatory remarks about an individual or group of individuals (whether LinguaBuddy members or not), or taking actions that are detrimental to users or groups of users on the basis of religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age or any other protected characteristic is unacceptable.

Demeaning behaviour

Users should not use language which insults, belittles or humiliates other users, regardless of the context.

Threats, Intimidation, References to Violence

Any reference to violence or potential violence towards a member of the community is unacceptable. Likewise, statements which glorify or glamourise violence will not be tolerated.

Commercial posting

Users may not post any content or send any message contain commercial material, or make representations on behalf of themselves, their employer, or any third party of organisation, except where permitted in writing by LinguaBuddy.

Unsolicited Friend Requests

Multiple, bulk or repeated friendship requests or attempts to privately message users with whom the user has not had contact previously on LinguaBuddy, or with whom a reasonable belief of acquaintance outside LinguaBuddy does not exist, are not acceptable.

Sexual or Romantic Approaches

Any sexual or romantic messages or postings, whether targeted at specific users or not, will be deemed unwanted and unacceptable. For the avoidance of doubt, LinguaBuddy does not consider itself a dating site, and for the avoidance of confusion and offence, we respectfully request all users confine any genuine romantic advances to non-LinguaBuddy means.

Pornographic content

Posting any content which could be considered pornographic or sexually explicit in nature is not acceptable.

Extreme content

Users should not post any content promoting ideas which might be reasonably be considered extreme is not permitted. This may include, but would not be limited to holocaust denial, conspiracy theories, anti-vaccination, QAnon. Please refer to the terms and conditions in relating to LinguaBuddy being a privately-owned social network which operates on an invitation-only basis.

Automated posting

Posting via automatic methods is not permitted, except where such means are made available by LinguaBuddy.

Persistent, Repetitive or Irrelevant Posts

It is not acceptable to post content in a manner which would significantly impair the experience of other users. This includes multiple posts which amount to one post of excessive length, repeated posting on the same forum or message board, repetitively posting the same or similar content, or posting content irrelevant to the subject of the group or forum.

Copyrighted material

Users may not post copyrighted material except as permitted by the international conventions relating to fair use, and by methods approved by the copyright owner and their intermediaries. For clarity, posting a link to an article, or a short extract for discussion would normally be considered acceptable; posting a chapter or a full article would not. Posting a link to a YouTube video would be fine; a “ripped” recording would not.


Where users breach guidelines or are considered in breach of the general duty of care, sanctions will be applied which may include, but are not limited to:

Where any of the above sanctions are applied, no refund shall be due to the user.

Where suspension of a user’s account would take the cumulative total of days suspended to more than 14 in any calendar year, the user may have their account revoked permanently.

No notification will be provided where comments are removed. For event removal, group or forum removal, restriction of privileges or suspension, the user will be informed of the reasons and the length of any suspension, however correspondence will not be entered into.

(See Terms and Conditions – Severability).

Discouraged behaviours

For the functioning of a happy community and a general feeling of safety, wellbeing and belonging, the following behaviours are discouraged. Breach of these guidelines will not automatically lead to sanctions. Instead, we encourage the community to self-police wherever possible. Where users are deemed in the judgement of LinguaBuddy to be wilfully ignoring these guidelines, sanctions may be applied.

Unsolicited Corrections

Users should not correct the grammar, language or vocabulary of the users except where requested by the poster, directly or by using established symbols indicating uncertainty, or where it is essential to clarify meaning in order to continue the conversation.

Swearing or Profanity

Users should behave as they would in a physical conversation group setting. While an occasional profanity or swear-word is permissible if warranted by the context of the discussion, strong profanity, or repeated or habitual use should be avoided.


Posts which LinguaBuddy reasonably believes are designed to inflame conversations, antagonise individual users, or set groups of users against one another for the entertainment of the original user, are strongly discouraged. While interpretation of intent is subjective, trolling is considered the closest one can come to an automatically forbidden behaviour, without being specifically banned. Users who ignore warnings to desist will be sanctioned.