Spanish B1 – Part I – 12 Week Course – Thursday 24 March

March 24, 2022 @ JavaScript Disabled

12-week B1 Spanish Course online, covering the first half of this CEFR level. Just £175 for 12-weeks professional tuition without the travel. Learn the Spanish subjunctive and key grammatical constructions that allow you to start to express objective and subjective opinions.

Pretérito Perfecto de Subjuntivo

The pretérito perfecto de subjuntivo is a Spanish tense which is used when the speaker is indicating doubt, uncertainty or personal opinion that they hold now, about an action or event that has happened in the past. As with all forms of the subjunctive, a trigger phrase must be used, indicating that the speaker is […]

Presente de Subjuntivo

The Spanish presente de subjuntivo is the most commonly used subjunctive tense. Although English does possess a subjunctive conjugation, it is very rarely used in comparison to languages such as Spanish, Italian and French where it is much more common. The purpose of the subjunctive is to express doubt, subjective opinion, polite commands, uncertainty, and […]