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  • Less than £15/lesson.

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  • Qualified, native-speaking tutors.
  • Real classes and classmates.
  • Share the learning experience with group work and collaboration.
  • Structured courses and exercises.

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As well as the course, we have a website full of features to help you improve and master the language.

Just £160* for 12 Weeks Tuition

Plus, get access to all of this as well as your course.

*(Offers ends 31 March. Normally £175.)


  • Build confidence through a variety of exercises and quizzes.
  • Revise whole levels, focus on weak points or build your vocab.


  • Build confidence through level-appropriate articles.
  • See the grammar and vocabulary from your course used for real.


  • Take a step to true fluency by improving your listening skills.
  • Build confidence through level-graded videos.


  • Chat with learners on our forums, or,
  • Join a supervised conversation class.

Choose Your Level

We offer Courses at A2, B1 and B2 of the Common European Framework. Here’s an idea of what to expect at each level.

A1 - Beginners

The basics: present tense, object names, greetings, adjectives, telling the time, directions and other key concepts that help you get by.

Courses now available!

A2 - Improvers

Introduces the Spanish Pretérito Imperfecto and Indefinido past tenses, the future tense, object pronouns (doing something to someone or something), comparisons and much more.

B1 - Lower Intermediate

Introduces the Spanish subjunctive and key grammatical constructions that allow you to start to express objective and subjective opinions, as well as past perfect tenses as expressions of desire and obligation.

B2 - Higher Intermediate

Be confident expressing and interpreting complex viewpoints and opinions and expressing doubt, nuance, uncertainty and other subtler concepts which in turn enable you to have satisfying and enlightening exchanges with native speakers.

C1 or better - Proficiency

Working towards fluency with implicit meaning, idiomatic expressions and different tones of voice. Join us for conversation practice (paid account required), with taught courses coming soon.

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Learn from Qualified Native Speakers

You learn more from a native speaker of the language than you ever could from just an app. We recruit qualified teachers from across the Spanish-speaking world, and bring them to you.

Silvia, Spain

Originally from Toledo in central Spain, Silvia is a qualified teacher who prides herself on creating personalised, fun and interactive lessons. She uses a conversational, student-centred approach, always offering encouragement. She will take our Monday B1 lessons in April and May.

Ángela, Colombia

Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Ángela studied literature before taking a Masters in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. Her favourite things are talking about culture, music, art, and helping people from all over the world to feel confident when speaking Spanish.

Eugenia, Argentina

Eugenia, originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a graduate in Spanish and Literature, specialising in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. She knows how challenging learning a foreign language can be, which is why she likes to tailor her lessons to the needs and interests of her students, helping them gain confidence while enjoying the cultural exchange.

Choose Your Class

As well as the course, we have a website full of features to help you improve and master the language.


12-week A2 Spanish Course online, covering the first half of this CEFR level. Just £175 for 12-weeks professional tuition without the travel. Learn the Spanish past tenses and critical grammar that allows you to communicate in this beautiful language.



22 March 2022


14 June 2022

Course Dates






12-week B1 Spanish Course online, covering the first half of this CEFR level. Just £175 for 12-weeks professional tuition without the travel. Learn the Spanish subjunctive and key grammatical constructions that allow you to start to express objective and subjective opinions.



24 March 2022


23 June 2022

Course Dates






12-week B2 Spanish Course online, covering the first half of this CEFR level. Just £175 for 12-weeks professional tuition without the travel. Learn complex tenses and rules around reporting speech, plus grammatical constructions that enable you to have complex and satisfying conversations with native speakers.



28 March 2022


4 July 2022

Course Dates






Start to learn Spanish with our beginners Spanish classes. Learn over 12 weeks in our online classrooms with our friendly tutors, supported by our website programme that takes you step-by-step through the most basic level.



19 April 2022


5 July 2022

Course Dates





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We’ve answered a few of the obvious questions here, but if there’s something we haven’t covered, you can chat with us using the Messenger widget.

Do I need to join as a Premium Member to reserve a class place?

No. Any level of account can reserve a place on a class (provided they have validated their email address). You can join as a free account, select the class you want to attend, and reserve your place. You’ll be contacted 1-2 weeks prior to the start date to remind you to upgrade your account.

What else does the Premium subscription cover?

Premium subscribers get access to all the enhanced revisions courses on the site, so you can extend your practice beyond what is strictly required by your taught course. You can also join our weekly conversation classes.

What happens at the end of the three-month subscription?

All subscription packages automatically renew, so if you plan to continue onto the next course, all you need to do is reserve a place, and when your next payment is processed, your place on that course will be confirmed.

If you don’t want to continue, you can downgrade to a Plus or Standard account, or cancel your membership. If you cancel your membership, you will retain your subscription level until your next renewal.

Is my money secure?

Of course. We use a leading supplier of membership management software to control access to the site, and connect to Stripe through that software to process subscription payments. Stripe is the leading payment gateway for online business, and are so ubiquitous we are willing to bet that you have already used them for an online payment… you just might not realise it.

Where can I find the course materials?

When your place is confirmed on a course, you’ll be added to the course’s section on the website. Every week, the lesson’s content will be posted within that course, along with any homework tasks, exercises or quizzes. Only you, your classmates, and any others following the exact same course plan can access this area.

How do I access the classes for the taught courses?

As soon as your booking is confirmed (ie you have upgraded to a Premium subscription), an email will be automatically sent containing the join link. (Please mark as safe). We advise you to save this within your calendar, and we’ll also send you a calendar invite with the same details.

  • Use the same link each week.
  • Do not share the link with anyone else (they will be refused entry).

I have reserved a class place. When should I upgrade to Premium?

We will send you a reminder to upgrade two weeks prior to the class start date, although you can upgrade earlier if you wish. You will need to have a Premium subscription to join the classes, but if you choose not to renew, and that subscription ends a few weeks before the course does, you would still be allowed to complete the course.

I want to continue studying at the end of my course. What should I do?

Reserve a place on the next course you want to study on. When your subscription renews, that place will be confirmed immediately.

If there is a gap between the course you want to study, or you want to take some time out, we recommend downgrading to a free account before your renewal date, and then upgrading again when you are ready to join your new class.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

We do not offer refunds for Plus accounts.

For Premium accounts, we do not offer refunds for unused entitlements (ie non-attendance at classes). As we only require payment 1-2 weeks in advance of the course start date, we expect users to know their availability for the forthcoming 12 weeks when they pay.

As such, any cancellation after upgrading will not result in a refund, but in those circumstances we will do our best to help the affected student find an acceptable alternative course.

We will offer a refund, part-refund or alternative where due to the fault of LinguaBuddy, we are not able to fulfil a course, or substantial part thereof, as advertised.

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