Practice Spanish conversation every week

Supervised classes, advanced or intermediate, no travel or commitment.

Always near you

If you're always on the move, no problem. You can join our classes from anywhere with an internet connection.

Qualified teachers, structured sessions

Designed to help strangers feel at ease, we use a structured conversation plan with a topic you know in advance.

Intermediate or Advanced Levels

Build your confidence with sessions deliberate designed to use the language you know... but didn't realise you could use.

Safe and fun

Only registered, paying members can join the classes, and the tutor has complete control. You just get quality practice without the journey home.

Come Monthly

Create a Plus account for £7.99 a month, enjoy access to all our enhanced revision courses and quizzes, and attend a one conversation class a month.

Come Weekly

Reach your goal with a weekly practice session. Just £24.99 monthly, gets you access to a weekly class, less than £6.50 per class!

What They Say

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With LinguaBuddy I can practice online in a small group of the same level. We discuss a different subject every week which is great for your vocabulary. The teachers are great!
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Learning languages is a hobby that became and obsession. With LinguaBuddy I can practice weekly and I’ve definitely improved.
JasperBedford, UK
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LinguaBuddy offers much more scope to practice speaking and listening as well, which I have found very refreshing and motivating. I have definitely improved in both confidence and level since joining, and I am finding learning Spanish more and more enjoyable and rewarding every week.
FionaNottingham, UK
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Linguabuddy has been brilliant in improving my confidence, particularly with speaking. The teacher allows everyone to participate and we cover interesting questions on a range of issues. The additional reading and listening materials are also very useful to boost progress.

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Want to try a class? Register for a Plus account for £7.99 and get a month of the enhanced revision courses and quizzes.

You will be charged £7.99. One Conversation Class per calendar month, per member. Renews monthly until cancelled. Cancel anytime.


What do you talk about in the conversation classes?

The classes are structured around a topic to enable everyone to have a chance to speak, even if they are attending for the first time and don’t know the other participants. Past topics and the tutor’s questions are available inside the site, and can help you prepare for that week’s topic. When you see the questions, you will see that intermediate questions are asking you to use past tenses, the future tense and sometimes the conditional, whereas the advanced class takes you into subjective opinion, desires and other areas that demand more advanced grammar.

Although there is a structure to the class, the tutor will let it run if it develops into a natural conversation in which everyone has a chance to speak.

I am still not confident speaking. Can I attend a conversation class just to listen?

If you think this would help you more than using our free listening resources, then you are very welcome to attend. On entering the class, please use the chat function to let the tutor know (in any language) that you are there to listen.

You can then signal to the tutor if you feel confident to speak, and they will start to direct conversation towards you.

Can I attend a conversation class if I’m a beginner?

We recommend that the minimum level for conversation classes is A2 – for the intermediate class- and B2 for the advanced.

If you are a beginner, you will find the intermediate class difficult, as you will need to use the past tenses and other forms of grammar which you haven’t yet been taught.

I have registered for a Plus / Premium account but I can’t post on the forum, register for events or access revision courses.

The first thing to check is your email inbox. In the confirmation message (sent by is a magic link that enables your account. This is an anti-spam measure.

If you have not already done so, click this link, then log out and log in again. You should now have access to everything you’re entitled to.

If this doesn’t work, or you can’t find the email, please log a support ticket using the buttons to the right.

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