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Thinking of learning Spanish? No matter who you are or what your motivation, anyone can learn this brilliant language and unlock a huge world of cultural, travel and business opportunities.

As well as Spain, a country steeped in tradition and bathed in sunshine, Spanish is spoken throughout the Americas and beyond. If you have a grasp of the language, all that can be yours! But everyone starts somewhere, right?

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Our beginners Spanish classes are designed for people living anywhere. Even if you’re rural, in a small town or on the move, you can still learn with us.

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What You Will Learn

Level A1 is the introductory level, where you will learn the basics of the language, through everyday situations that you would encounter on holiday or travelling.  If you’ve studied before – maybe at school – you’ll recognise some of the concepts and grammar such as ser, estar and haber (hay), the present tense, personal pronouns, possession and more.

However, our courses will aim to prepare you to interact confidently in situations like:

Times and Dates

Learn the words and grammar behind telling the time, the calendar, days of the week.


Who is in your family, how old are they, do they live with you or separately.


Ask for help finding your way around. Learn the common names for directions, key places and points of interest.


Introduce yourself and get the conversation started.


Navigate tricky conversations when arranging travel and booking tickets.


Order breakfast, lunch, dinner and maybe a drink or two afterwards.


Be prepared for any type of shop you may encounter, ask and pay for what you need.

House and Home

Describe your house and home, and the rooms within.

Activities and Sports

Prepare for your adventures and activities and describe what you like to do.


Describe where you work and what you do for a living. Recognise the key professions.

Too basic for you? We also have courses at Levels A2 through to B2.

Beginners Courses Starting Soon


Beginners Spanish Classes – A1 (Full Level) – Tuesday 19 April

19 April 2022


5 July 2022

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Ángela, Colombia

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