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Want to master Spanish listening? If you’ve reached the advanced levels mainly through classroom learning, there’s a good chance your oral lags behind your written.

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We’ve scoured the internet to bring you:

  • Thousands of videos from reputable producers.
  • Every video we select has a transcript, so if you need a little extra help, it’s right there.
  • Sorted and categorised. Build confidence with simple materials, then stretch yourself with harder, more complex language.
  • Whatever you’re learning for, we’ve got content for you: everything from news and current events to local music to culture, food, history and business.

LinguaBuddy was created for one simple reason:

Anyone can master a new language; you just need to practice often enough.

And we know that’s particularly true for listening. We help you bridge the gap between study and usage.

If you join LinguaBuddy, you’ll never be short of practice materials or opportunities, so you’ll maximise your ability to use what you’ve learned.

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Here’s a sample of what you’ll find on LinguaBuddy.

Current affairs and politics

Around the world, Covid restrictions are easing. Is the end of the pandemic in sight?



Current affairs and politics

Long form analysis and discussion of the political situation and tensions between Colombia and Venezuela. Informative if you have an interest in that part of the world.



Enhance Your Reading Skills Too!

Strong reading ability is the key to listening competence. The more easily your rcognise words, the more you will understand in spoken language. That’s why we’ve got an unrivalled selection of reading materials too.

We’ve scoured the internet for interesting articles from real Spanish publishers, and then, just like we did with the videos, sorted them by difficulty and category.

  • Follow your interests while you learn.
  • No more intimidating, complex texts or boring, dumbed-down history lessons.
  • Just genuine, professionally-written Spanish you can learn from.

Build your Vocab

With hundreds of vocabulary quizzes, you’ll never be lost for a practice partner again. Our quiz library is broken down by difficulty, but also by subject area, so you know you’re always learning words you’ll use.

From verb conjugation, to grammar tests, to those tricky adverbs, we have a huge variety of ways to broaden your range, and improve your command of nuance and meaning.

Unlimited Practice Awaits

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Now you’ve built your confidence, vocabulary and proficiency, it’s time to practice with other learners. With LinguaBuddy’s network, you’ll never be lost for someone to practice with who’s at your level and into the same things.

Find discussion groups with topics that interest you, and hone your Spanish skills having the conversation you really want to have. Then, when you’re ready, why not join one of our live conversation classes, FREE to registered members with a Premium or Founders Club subscription.

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